Dawn Malcolm
Lakeview, Michigan 48850
Contract & Guarantees
Buyer Information:
Puppy/Dog Information:
AKC#:__________________________ Sex:______________ D.O.B.:_______________________
Sire:_________________________________ Dam:____________________________________
Date of Transfer:_______________________________________________________________
This pup is sold with ( check all that apply ):
Full AKC Registration________ Limited registration___________ Spay/Neuter Agreement____________
1) This puppy/dog is purebred, litter is registered with the “American Kennel Club”. The puppy’s individual registration
application (or certificate) will be provided when payment is made in full and contract is signed. If spay/neuter agreement is
checked above then a signed veterinarian (DVM) certificate must be provided stating that the dog has been altered before
registration certificate is supplied.
2) This puppy/dog is healthy upon delivery/pick up, has been wormed & vaccinated and when shipped by air comes with a
health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. Any illness must be confirmed by a veterinarian within 72 hours of pick up after
which the health of the pup becomes the responsibility of the buyer. If, as a result of the examination, the veterinarian
determines that the puppy/dog is not in good health then the buyer shall elect to keep or return the puppy/dog to the seller. If
the buyer elects to return the puppy/dog the buyer shall send to the seller, by certified mail, a written veterinarian’s certificate
along with the puppy/dog or sooner, stating that the puppy/dog was in ill health when examined. The buyer shall have 7 days
from the date of examination to return the puppy/dog to the seller where it shall be examined by the seller’s veterinarian. Upon
finding the puppy/dog ill the seller shall be obligated to provide a replacement puppy/dog ( The buyer is responsible for the
expense of transportation of the puppy/dog to them ).
3) If “Limited AKC Registration” is checked on the first page of this contract, the puppy/dog is guaranteed against crippling hip
& elbow dysplasia ( OFA moderate or severe on hips or OFA DJD grade 2 or worse on elbows ). If “Full AKC Registration” is
checked on the first page of this contract, the puppy/dog is guaranteed to pass OFA hip certification and get at least OFA DJD
grade 1 or normal on elbows. All hip and elbows x-rays must be taken and submitted when the dog is between 24 and 30
months old and BEFORE breeding to qualify for these guarantees.
4) This puppy/dog is sold solely as a pet and companion to the immediate family (those living in the home when the puppy/dog
is first bought). It’s suitability for any additional use or purpose will depend solely on the environment and training provided by
the buyer. These guarantees apply to the original buyer (listed on the registration papers) and are not transferable. These
guarantees become null and void if the buyer does not return the signed contract, does not submit the AKC registration
application to AKC within one month of receiving the form or if the dog is bred and produces any offspring before hips &
elbows have been x-rayed.
The seller reserves the right to a second veterinarian’s opinion. All relevant veterinary records must be supplied to the seller
upon request. When cause of death is unknown an autopsy must be preformed. Buyer assumes all responsibility for all costs.
If the buyer can verifiably demonstrate the dog’s failure to fulfill these guarantees and the dog is euthanized on a veterinarian’
s recommendation and with the permission of the seller, or the dog is returned to the seller with a signed AKC registration
transfer, the seller will replace the puppy/dog with a puppy/dog of similar value. If the buyer chooses to keep said puppy/dog it
must be spayed or neutered. The buyer may purchase a replacement puppy/dog for half price. The buyer’s remedy for the
breach of any aforementioned guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the puppy/dog listed on the first page of this
Buyer’s Agreement
1) The buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will reside at the home of the registered owner or co-owner.
2) The buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or in part of an agent in the purchase of this puppy/dog and that the buyer
WILL NOT sell this puppy/dog or any of its progeny to any agent, pet store or business.
3) The buyer agrees to register the puppy/dog with AKC (or transfer the ownership if the puppy/dog is already registered)
within 1 month of receiving the form and to send a photocopy of the certificate to the seller.
4) The buyer agrees to inform the seller any time they move or change phone numbers during ownership of the puppy/dog.
5) If the buyer is not able or chooses not to keep the puppy/dog at any time during the life of the puppy/dog the buyer agrees
to return the puppy/dog with signed AKC registration transfer to the seller without receiving any refund. Seller will handle
arrangements and expenses if any.
6) The buyer agrees not to sell, trade, lease out, euthanize (except under emergency conditions to end suffering) or give the
puppy/dog away without written permission from the seller.
7) The buyer agrees to comply with all local ordinances regarding the keeping of canines in addition to providing adequate
food, water, housing, immunizations, health care and humane treatment for the puppy/dog.
8) If “Limited Registration” is checked on the first page of this contract the buyer agrees to prevent the puppy/dog from
breeding (even by accident) and have the puppy/dog spayed or neutered by 1 year of age.
If the seller can document the buyer’s failure to keep these agreements and so informs the buyer by certified letter the buyer
shall have 72 hours to return the puppy/dog and the signed AKC Registration to the seller at the buyer’s own expense. If the
buyer fails to do so the seller shall have the legal right to repossess the puppy/dog and get a signed AKC Registration transfer
application from the buyer without refunding any money. In addition, the buyer shall be liable for any expenses incurred in the
process of repossession (including attorney’s fees and court costs) and veterinarian expenses to restore the puppy/dog to
good health, if necessary. If it is not possible for the buyer to return the puppy/dog and the AKC Registration transfer the seller
will recover the greater sum of $
1500 or the purchase price of the puppy/dog as damages for breach of this contract.
9) If this pup is being sold as “breeding quality” the buyer will be given limited AKC registration at the time of sale and full
registration will be granted once hip/elbow x-rays ( through OFA ) are done to verify acceptable hips and elbows. The x-rays
must be done after the puppy has turned two years of age. Under no circumstances will full AKC registration be given until the
puppy is at least two years of age and the hip/elbow certifications have been completed. Purchaser must pay the fee to AKC to
lift the limited registration to full registration. Only after this is completed will the puppy be allowed to breed.
No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made with this sale.
I have read and agreed to the above conditions:
Buyer’s Signature:________________________________________________________Date:__________________
Co-Owner’s Signature:______________________________________________Date:______________________
Seller’s Signature:__________________________________________________Date_______________________