Planned Litters
Please Note:
These are potential breedings. Just because the pairings are listed doesn't mean
that they will take place. Plans change due to females not being interested in a
particular male, wrong time frames, etc... or maybe the female just won't take.
Litters planned/hoped for in 2016
Griffith Family... wants a male ... $300 deposit paid
Planned for spring of 2017
Mercy will be bred to Bear,
a beautiful silver sable boy,

for a s
ummer litter. The
puppies will have size and
super temperaments.
Possible colors are black &
tan, black & silver as well
as sables.

Awesome babies expected!
Hoping to breed Willow to
Bear or possibly Dusty
for a
summer litter. She is a great girl and an
some mom producing puppies larger than
If bred to Bear we have the chance for
black & tan, black & silver and sables. If bred to
Dusty we have the chance to get black & tan, as
well as blue, liver and possibly isabella.
She is a
super sweet girl!