Our Beautiful Girls
Dawn & Roger Malcolm
Lakeview, MI 48850
Angelic's Lizzie's Freedom
OFA Good hips/Normal elbows
Black & Tan
Sire: Royalair's Silver Mark OFA
Dam: Guardian Angel's Solar Flare OFA
80 lbs
Lizzie is a very sweet, loving girl. She is so eager to
please and always happy go lucky. She loves car rides,
swimming and just hanging out with her family. She
has nice old fashioned style conformation. Her
puppies have been awesome with wonderful
temperaments and nice size.
Angelic's Show No Mercy
Black & Tan
Sire: Royalair's Levi Jeans OFA
Dam: Angelic's Echo of Royal Air OFA
Mercy is being added to our program for puppies in 2017. She is a very tall girl and still has some filling
out to do. Nice old fashioned style conformation with a straight, strong back.
Great temperament/personality... She is an awesome girl!
Mercy will not be OFA certified. When I had x-rays done of her hips they looked great but she did have a
hairline fracture on her pelvic bone so therefore she will not pass OFA. Her puppies will still be
guaranteed to pass OFA.
Baby Mercy
Angelics Willow Dreams of Royalair
OFA Good hips/Normal Elbows
Sire: Angelic's Keenan Tribute V Rosehall OFA Prelimed
Dam: Angelic's If I Can Dream OFA
Willow is a new addition to our breeding program, although she was
bred here. We are very happy to have her back.
She is medium to calm energy and a sweet-soft tempered dog . . She
is very athletic straight in the hocks and back typical old fashioned
look. She is 27" tall and 84 lbs(lean) at 2.5 years old .She has lovely
light collered eyes, and a very regal expressive head. Her puppies
from her 1st litter... males are 120+ and females are 90+ at one year.
We are looking forward to puppies from this beautiful girl in 2017.